Mother Care tips: 5 Baby Carrier Recommendations

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Baby toys, Hot Deals, Money saving, Mother care
Baby carriers are probably one of the best inventions ever! Mums have been devising slings for centuries to carry their babies with them while doing everyday chores. Here are five recommendations for baby carriers covering several different styles.
Mother Care Options
  • Carrier needs to have wide, padded shoulder straps
  • Back support is essential
  • Carrier needs to be adjustable in the front with one hand
  • Machine washable – babies can make a mess disproportional to their size!
Baby Care Options
  • Baby must be carried in a safe and secure manner
  • Parent facing option when child is little with head, neck and back support
  • Front facing option when baby is older and can control their head
  • Adjustable for infant growth
  • Place to clip baby toys
Money saving choices:
Babies “R” Us Three-Way Carrier: £35. This light weight carrier that comes in a no-frills black colour. It is hard to get men to share the baby carrying duties if the little tot is in a frilly pink carrier. This carrier also has a back-pack type option.
Available at Toys R Us + 2.25% cashback
I Love My Bear Four-Way Advanced Carrier: £35. In addition to the clip on toy for the baby, there is a nice hand warmer for the mum at the bottom front of the carrier. A hip carrying option makes this a unique option.
Available at Toys R Us +2.25% cashback
Morph Baby Carrier: £60. The really great thing about this carrier is you can buy different sized harnesses to easily fit both the mum and the dad. All kinds of accessories are also available.
Available at Mamas & Papas +upto 4.5% cashback
Wallaboo Baby Sling: £40. The Wallaboo is wonderful for small babies (2kg) and nursing mums. The sling is made of 100 % cotton, so it is comfortable no matter what the temperature. Ease of repositioning baby after nursing is a huge plus.
Available at Baby Curls + 6% cashback
Hippychick Hipseat: £37.5. This is just plain fun. It provides a little extra support for those who like to throw an older kid on a hip and go. The Hippychick comes in lots of fun colours.
Available at Mothercare + 3% cashback
On Pouring Pounds you can find many other retailers focused on mum and baby products and get great moneyback offers and hot deals every time.

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