Mobile Number Portability

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Mobile connection, uk mobile
All mobile phone users want the best deal they can get from their UK mobile phone package and sometimes in order to do this it means changing from one network provider to another. 

It is possible to keep an existing number and transfer to another network; you just have to let your new network provider know that is what you want to do when you sign up. The whole process is very straightforward:

1. Find a new mobile phone deal
2. Inform the new network provider that you wish to take out a new mobile connection with them but keep the existing number
3. Fill out a few forms with personal information
4. Collect the new mobile phone or SIM card package if applicable
5. Await the changeover from one network to another, this should now only take a maximum of a couple of hours to complete and there should be no loss of service at all 

This means an opportunity for big savings for more people. Visiting a site for a company such as Carphone Warehouse– who are not tied to any particular network and have offers for all the networks in the UK – means that as a customer it is possible to enjoy a great contract deal. There are also special deals for Pay as you Go users and for SIM only customers; basically everything is under one roof. Once you have found that perfect deal for you then try using a cashback site such as to make even bigger savings. The site has deals from all the big mobile phone networks including Three Mobile, T- Mobile and Orange which could save you several months rental on your new mobile phone contract.

Receive cashback through us by taking out the special offer through their site. You will then receive an email which usually takes between 4 and 72 hours to reach your inbox to confirm the cashback transaction. Often there is cooling off period with many companies were the item is allowed to be returned, once this time period has lapsed with no return of the product the money will then be sent to you. The money can be transferred directly to your bank account or into your PayPal account. The first cashback request needs to be for over £30.00 but all subsequent cashbacks can be paid out for as little as £1.00.

And customers are not limited to mobile phone contracts and offers, we offer cashback on everything from books to holidays, so before spending money on anything you need check out the deals – the rewards are worth it!

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