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Deciding to buy refurbished versus original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ink cartridges is an effective way to contain stationery costs – as much as £1000 or more can be saved per year. Plus refurbished cartridges are an environmentally sound decision.

Interestingly, only 10-15% of the ink cartridges used in the UK are recycled. 97% of the components can be reused. So why are remanufactured ink cartridges not part of the standard routine when ordering replacement cartridges? There may be several factors involved including habit, lack of knowledge about the products and fear that the products will be inferior.

How are ink cartridges refurbished? The process begins with a thorough inspection of the used cartridge. Any broken or worn out parts are replaced. This ensures that the cartridge meets the original manufactured standards. The cartridge is then filled with quality ink. Cleaning, inspecting and packaging for shipping are the final steps.

Money saving from refurbished cartridges can be upto 70% off the original cost. They will print at least the same number of pages as the OEM product. The typical price on a new colour ink cartridge is £35 while the refurbished one is less than £8. Another example is colour laser cartridges. An OEM cyan toner cartridge is around £81, a refurbished cyan toner cartridge is around £38.

Companies that buy 20 colour cartridges a year can save £540 a year on just switching to refurbished cartridges.An even bigger savings is realized for those using colour laser printers. Switching to the refurbished cyan toner alone will save £860 per year

Buying refurbished ink cartridges is a brilliant way to save significant money for the company without any compatibility problems. It also just makes sense to help reduce the amount of usable waste going to the landfill.Additionally, gives hot deals of 10% discount plus 13.5% cashback on purchases, as long as you visit their site via Pouring Pounds. Switching to refurbished ink cartridges is the smart choice economically and environmentally!


Here are a few hot deals on office products and stationery. Money Saving is always at the top of every Personal Assistant list so we have gathered a few suggestions just for you.

Viking has a Brother Multifunction Inkjet Printer (MFCJ6710DW A3) on sale. This printer is touted as being for a small office but this little work horse will hold 500 sheets of paper and will print A3 size sheets. It copies, scans, and faxes in addition to printing. It will print 10 colour images a minute. On sale for £169.99 + vat

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Viking also has the Lexmark E460DW Mono Laser Printer on sale. This printer is for offices that print up to 10,000 pages per month. It has Wi-Fi compatibility so space taken up by cables is eliminated. 38 page per minute print speed. On sale for £199.99, down from £349.99.

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Euroffice has a Brother MFC-8380DN Mono Multifunction Laser Printer that prints, scans, faxes, and copies. Maximum media size is A4, print speed is 30 pages per minute. On sale for £349.99

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Staples also has an HP Photosmart Plus e-3-in 1 Printer if your office needs to print photos. These are print lab-quality photos. In addition it also print, copy, scans and has web functions without a PC. £62.40

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Ryman has a great deal on a small printer for a small office. The HP CN245B Wireless Photosmart E 3-in-1 is a smart little machine at a smart price. Fabulous machine for sitting in your office so you are not hopping up and down to go to the big copier or fax machine that everyone shares. On sale for £39.99

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Printerinks will handle all your ink and toner needs. You have the option to choose from original manufacture equipment or remanufactured products.

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