At times when the household finances are stretched to the limit, saving money wherever possible often means forfeiting buying certain products as they cost a little extra. This could mean anything from food to clothing and even household cleaning products. One of the first things to be cast aside in favour of cheaper items is anything eco-friendly. Organic fruits and vegetables and fair trade items are often slightly more expensive than the home brand product and so fewer shoppers are likely to be buying them. However, there are ways to still enjoy the benefits of buying environmentally friendly items by taking advantage of hot deals or receiving cashback on many items. If this sounds like an interesting prospect then you may be surprised to learn just how easy it is to money saving in this way on your regular family shopping.
That being said, eco-friendly shopping is not just for the household, this can also apply to businesses too and there are now many office supplies such as stationery that are made from recycled materials, sustainable resources or biodegradable materials so it is possible for office managers to also take advantage of moneyback deals.
Organic chocolate is a luxury that we would all love to have and who wouldn’t love to be able to make money just by eating chocolate? It is possible to earn up to 7.5% cashback on all sales when buying from Green & Blacks. This company is perhaps one of the best loved organic chocolatiers around and with a few simple clicks of a mouse you could be buying chocolate that is not only better for you but also earning you some money in the process. What could be better?
In addition to cashback deals such as this there are many other options for those who are trying to keep their lives as green as possible. Companies such as Ecotopia and Natural Elements have offers on at the moment on items that every household uses daily such as shampoo and other cleaning products as well as extras for the garden like bird feeding tables and hedgehog houses. Organic beauty products are the ideal way to feel pampered and purchasing through a cashback site such as can help to add a touch of luxury without the luxury price tag.

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When it comes to the time to renew your mobile Connection contract, the decision of what phone and contract get becomes a pressing matter. With a wide range of mobile phone contracts on the market and a mobile phone for every type of person, there is no shortage of choice. At Pouring Pounds, we have shortlisted some of the best mobile phone deals, made even sweeter by our cashback.
If you are looking for a simple, hard-wearing phone, then the Nokia 2330 may be for you, if you are looking for a device that can put up with the battering of everyday life. The phone is free on most contracts, which start from £15 a month. Through Pouring Pounds Orange offers a hefty cashback of £60 – essentially four months free!
For a durable phone with a respectable 5.0 megapixel camera, either the Nokia 6700 or the Sony Ericsson Elm is a slight step up from the 2330. Offered on O2 from £15 a month, with a respectable cashback of £26 – an absolute steal!
When looking for something more sophisticated, a Smartphone is they way to go. Smartphone, however do bring along a new problem to the table:
Blackberry? Andrioid? Or iPhone?
With Blackberries available on all networks, use the Carphone Warehouse or Phones 4 U to find the best deal. Many contracts offer a Blackeberry for free or for a nominal fee, but the Blackberry that we all want is, of course the Blackberry Torch. With contracts from £25 a month, and with £30 cashback, from Carphone Warehouse or £25 from Phones 4 U, there is nothing to lose.
There is a wide variety of phones featuring the android operating system. This includes the Samsung Galaxy range and the HTC range. The HTC Desire HD is the star player in this category and is available on 3 Mobile on the One Plan for £35 per month, for no upfront cost. With a mind-boggling £81 cashback, it is definitely worth it! Needless to say, the One Plan comes with uncapped data, and virtually infinite minutes and texts.
With thousands of apps, an excellent and intuitive interface, the iPhone may be proclaimed the king of the Phones, however, many individuals are put off purchasing it as a result of its cost. However, 3 Mobile features the iPhone on the One Plan for a nominal upfront cost of £69 and £35 monthly tariff! (With the cashback of £81, the phone is more than free!).

So whether you are looking for a phone to solely make calls and send texts or if you are looking for a Smartphone to be your second brain, retailers on Pouring Pounds and our cashback system have the ideal solution for you!

All mobile phone users want the best deal they can get from their UK mobile phone package and sometimes in order to do this it means changing from one network provider to another. 

It is possible to keep an existing number and transfer to another network; you just have to let your new network provider know that is what you want to do when you sign up. The whole process is very straightforward:

1. Find a new mobile phone deal
2. Inform the new network provider that you wish to take out a new mobile connection with them but keep the existing number
3. Fill out a few forms with personal information
4. Collect the new mobile phone or SIM card package if applicable
5. Await the changeover from one network to another, this should now only take a maximum of a couple of hours to complete and there should be no loss of service at all 

This means an opportunity for big savings for more people. Visiting a site for a company such as Carphone Warehouse– who are not tied to any particular network and have offers for all the networks in the UK – means that as a customer it is possible to enjoy a great contract deal. There are also special deals for Pay as you Go users and for SIM only customers; basically everything is under one roof. Once you have found that perfect deal for you then try using a cashback site such as to make even bigger savings. The site has deals from all the big mobile phone networks including Three Mobile, T- Mobile and Orange which could save you several months rental on your new mobile phone contract.

Receive cashback through us by taking out the special offer through their site. You will then receive an email which usually takes between 4 and 72 hours to reach your inbox to confirm the cashback transaction. Often there is cooling off period with many companies were the item is allowed to be returned, once this time period has lapsed with no return of the product the money will then be sent to you. The money can be transferred directly to your bank account or into your PayPal account. The first cashback request needs to be for over £30.00 but all subsequent cashbacks can be paid out for as little as £1.00.

And customers are not limited to mobile phone contracts and offers, we offer cashback on everything from books to holidays, so before spending money on anything you need check out the deals – the rewards are worth it!
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3. Amazon – Amazon Secret Sales:£10 off when you spend £40 Includes made to order furniture, bedlinen, curtains, lighting & girlswear.

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9. Crabtree & Evelyn – Summer Bonanza at Crabtree & Evelyn! Enjoy 30% off 30 bestsellers with a great 3.75% cashback. Includes items from La Source, Gardeners and more!

10. Warehouse –£20 off dresses,£10 off summer knits plus 3.75% cashback.
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Limiting the choices to just 5 favourite baby toys is incredibly hard. We have chosen toys for tots between 6 months and one year of age. It is a time when your little one is growing fast and learning to control large muscle groups. They are beginning to refine small motor movements too. We also looked for toys that would take mother care into consideration; easy to clean and colourful so they are easy to see when surrounded by baby blankets. Here are our choices for some hot deals.

  1. Hamleys- Super Soft Playmat starts off our list. Tummy time is important for infant development, and little ones will love this colourful mat. The mat features several different animal faces with different sounds and textures. £37.
  2. Baby’s R Us- LeapFrog My Puppy Pal-Scout is a soft toy that can be personalised by simply connecting to your computer. By pressing Scout’s feet you can have the dog say your child’s name, favourite food, and favourite colour. Music can also be changed. This will be fun for both the adults and the tot. £19.9
  3. Kiddiecare -Lamaze Play and Grow Logan the Lion has a hanging clip so it is easy to take along. Logan has a bright cheerful face and there are toys on the paws for teething and gripping. £6.99
  4. BabyCurls- Tiny Love Follow Me Fred is a cute little dog that moves on the floor to encourage your little one to crawl. Fred has buttons to manipulate to make sounds and different textures to help stimulate that little brain. £19.99
  5. Mothercare – Chuggington Wilson Ride-On is for children closer to one year in age. This toy grows with the younger set as they can push, then stand up and push Chuggington around before they are eventually old enough to ride. £14.99

Be sure to take your money saving strategies to a new level. Simply order your toys through . Simply visit the website you want to purchase your baby toys through via and get up to 10% cashback on your purchase.

It is just about time to head back to school. Here are some money saving deals on student mobile connection. There are so many phones to choose from and so many different plans, it can take days just to figure them all out. However, here are a few suggestions. Remember you can save up tp £93 in cashback when you visit O2, Vodafone, Three, Orange, Carphone Warehouse and other via Pouring Pounds. It’s free money!

The Frugal Student
Vodafone: HTC ChaCha 100 minutes, 500 texts, 250MB 24 month contract and a free phone. £20.50 per month

Orange has a pay as you go plan for £25 that includes a phone and 100 minutes plus 100 texts

O2: Apple iPhone with 100 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB for £27.50 a month with a 24 month contract

Three: Samsung Galaxy Pro, QWERTY pad, 100 minutes, 5,000 texts, 500MB data, 24 month contract for £15 per month

The Internet Addict
Three: iPhone 4 32GB with 2,000 any network minutes, 5,000 texts, 5,000 three-to-three minutes and all you can eat data plan. This is a 24 month plan, £40 per month plus £109 upfront cost.
HOT DEAL: £93 cashback

Vodafone: Blackberry with 900 minutes, unlimited texts, 500 MB and includes 1GB BT Openzone WiFi access + Blackberry internet service. Phone is free, 24 month plan, £36 per month

O2: iPhone 3GS 8GB unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited WiFi, 50 media messages, no tether fees 1 GB data. Phone is free, £77 per month 24 month contract

Long Distance Relationship
Orange: HTC Sensation phone with 1200 minutes, unlimited texts with 500MB of data. The plan is £45 per month plus £49.99 for the phone

O2: HTC Desire phone with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB of data for pics and downloads. The phone is free and the plan is £77 per month

Vodafone: Sony Ericsson Experia phone with 3,000 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB data, 24 month plan. The phone is free £56 per month

SIM Happy
Vodafone: £20.50 per month provides 900 minutes, 3,000 texts, 500MB data plan, 750MB BT Openzone WiFi access, 100 UK pictures/video messages.

Three: £25 The One Plan 2,000 minutes, 5,000 texts, all you can eat data plan, 12 month plan.

O2: £30.50 per month provides 900 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB data plan, 12 month plan.

As you can see there are several really hot deals for UK mobile connection. To make a great deal even better, order though to get cashback. Simply click on the company you choose and then select your plan. Money saving and cashback is as easy as that.

Madrid is a wonderful blend of historic city with a modern infrastructure. Its elevation of 667m (2,188 ft) makes it one of the highest capitals in Europe.

Madrid has one of the best public transportation systems in Europe. The Metro de Madrid has money saving tickets and great coverage around the city. This link will help when traveling around town.

Luxury Hotels

InterContinental offers a stay in an 18th century inspired palace. The inside however is 21st century chic and perfect for the executive on business travel. The hotel offers an incredible view of Madrid and has a full line of amenities including complementary airport shuttle service. Business Sense rate which include breakfast, unlimited high-speed internet, and a discount at the business centre: €564

Hilton Madrid Airport offers a two room executive suite. Room service is available 24/7 and there is on site dining. Complementary airport shuttle is available. Hilton business rate for the executive suite with breakfast, internet and paper: €382

Mid-Range Hotels

Petit Palace Santa Barbara has some unique features. It offers an “XXL” room that features beds that are longer and wider than normal. Doors and windows are also longer than normal. Free bike rentals, free WiFi, and free paper are among the other amenities. Executive single with breakfast: €346

Holiday Inn Madrid is in a central location for most business activities. And if you are a European football fan, the location so close to the Real Madrid’s stadium will thrill you. The roof top pool is a refreshing way to end a hot Madrid day. Business centre is available. Executive room with breakfast: €210

Confortel Suites Madrid lists the rooms as sober. They are minimalist; and they are packed with amenities. The suites have air conditioning, free WiFi, and free mineral water. There is also a pillow menu and living room for relaxing. Superior premium room with breakfast: €147

Money Saving Finds

Best Western Atlantico is a find in central Madrid. The French cupola on top is interesting and the renovations a newly completed. The rooftop bar is just the place to be on a warm Madrid evening to relax after a hard day at work. Free internet in public areas only. Superior room: €132

The Melia Castilla is a five star hotel with an incredibly reasonable rate. While there are very expensive rooms available, the classic room is huge by European standards. All rooms are air conditioned, 24/7 room service is available. There is a pillow menu available so the perfect pillow will await your head after a busy day. Non-refundable prepayment rate: €106. The same room with breakfast and the usual cancellation policy: €149.

Hot Deals

Check out the menu del dia (menu of the day) while in Madrid. Great for a late lunch (after 2 P.M.) these gems are budget stretchers. For €10 or so expect an appetizer, bread, main course, dessert and a drink. Why not walk off that meal by seeing a museum. Almost every museum in Madrid has a free admission day. Free always fits the expense account.

Another tip to stretch that budget is by securing your business hotel room through Simple shop on Expedia,, Radisson, Hilton and more via via & get up to 10% cashback on your purchase. That leaves a little extra in the budget for another tapa.

Deciding to buy refurbished versus original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ink cartridges is an effective way to contain stationery costs – as much as £1000 or more can be saved per year. Plus refurbished cartridges are an environmentally sound decision.

Interestingly, only 10-15% of the ink cartridges used in the UK are recycled. 97% of the components can be reused. So why are remanufactured ink cartridges not part of the standard routine when ordering replacement cartridges? There may be several factors involved including habit, lack of knowledge about the products and fear that the products will be inferior.

How are ink cartridges refurbished? The process begins with a thorough inspection of the used cartridge. Any broken or worn out parts are replaced. This ensures that the cartridge meets the original manufactured standards. The cartridge is then filled with quality ink. Cleaning, inspecting and packaging for shipping are the final steps.

Money saving from refurbished cartridges can be upto 70% off the original cost. They will print at least the same number of pages as the OEM product. The typical price on a new colour ink cartridge is £35 while the refurbished one is less than £8. Another example is colour laser cartridges. An OEM cyan toner cartridge is around £81, a refurbished cyan toner cartridge is around £38.

Companies that buy 20 colour cartridges a year can save £540 a year on just switching to refurbished cartridges.An even bigger savings is realized for those using colour laser printers. Switching to the refurbished cyan toner alone will save £860 per year

Buying refurbished ink cartridges is a brilliant way to save significant money for the company without any compatibility problems. It also just makes sense to help reduce the amount of usable waste going to the landfill.Additionally, gives hot deals of 10% discount plus 13.5% cashback on purchases, as long as you visit their site via Pouring Pounds. Switching to refurbished ink cartridges is the smart choice economically and environmentally!